Welcome to the website of the Residents’ Association of Cederlaan Eindhoven!

You can find several pieces of information here, including guides for new residents, our newsletters, promotions to activities we organise and ways to contact us. In case you miss anything or have ideas on how to improve the association and/or the website, please reach out to us!

Disclaimer: in no way, shape or form are we (the residents’ association) responsible or involved in/for the finding and renting of a room in the Cederlaan building. All questions regarding renting or finding a room should be directed to Vestide.nl

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Hey! Before scrolling away, please sign up as a member, this way you will be the first to know all you need to know about what is going down at the Cederlaan! You can subscribe to our newsletter and/or join our sound board meetings. Sound board meetings are for us as a board to get to know your opinions, thoughts, concerns and questions about certain topics we laid out, but also a chance for you to raise your voice and tell us everything we need to know!

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Are you new to the Netherlands? We have a guide for that!

The board of RACE made a document to welcome internationals to The Netherlands! All basic information on for instance emergencies, supermarkets and public transportation are included. Start reading below!

Want to know more about living at the Cederlaan? Read the document below!

The board of RACE made the document on specificities about the Cederlaan complex. You can find information on how to get into contact with your fellow residents, some useful inside information on where to deposit your waste correctly and information on activities. Start reading below!

Where to dispose of your waste? Read the document below!

There are several locations nearby the Cederlaan complex where you can properly dispose of your waste. The complex itself allows for collection of household waste (the underground containers on the parking lot) and paper (a letterrbox in the main hall), whereas the neighbourhood allows for much more types of waste collection. Start reading below!

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About the board

Hi everyone! The board of RACE currently consists of 5 residents of the Cederlaan. As the association is currently being set up to become a legally recognised organisation, there is a lot of work done behind the scenes. Therefore, expect lots of updates on the website and information on the association in the near future!

There will be more information on the board coming soon!


This website is meant for resident of the Cederlaan building. In no way, shape or form, should the contact form below be used for questions about renting a room, finding a room, or repairs of the room. For all questions about renting a room or finding a room, go to Vestide.nl.

Do you have any requests/suggestions? Or do you want to be on the board (or sound board)? Send us a message and we will get in touch!