Activities overview

As the board of the association, we want to fascilitate setting up activities for and with fellow residents. Therefore, we’ve created an overview of all future activities! You can see it here.

Of course, you can organise activities yourself! We have made a form to make it easier for you. You can see it here. If the form is filled in, it will be linked to an overview and Google Forms will allow others to sign up!

But you can always just send a message in the WhatsApp group to organise an activity or get together!

The hunger games – Cederlaan Edition

We will hide 40 discs in the building – your mission is to find them. Additionally 1 *magical* apple juice box will be hidden on the ground floor. Here are the rules:

On floors one though six of the building, we will hide CD discs. In total there will be 40 discs that have been hidden. 

On the ground floor we will hide the THE MAGICAL apple juice box.

Your Quest

Each team has to find as much discs as possible, 1 disc is worth 1 point. The apple juice box is worth 5 points. 

The rules

First of all, cheating is allowed, life isn’t fair, and neither is this game. 

However, there are a few ground rules that cannot be ignored or cheated out of.

The game automatically ends when one team has found 20 discs, OR when a team finds the apple juice box. 

Additionally, there is a 30 minute timer, if neither team finds the apple juice box or the 20 discs before the 30 minute mark, the game automatically ends in a draw.


Whichever team has the most points at the end of the game, wins. If both teams want a rematch or revenge, they continue to the end games.


A draw occurs when the 30 minutes are up and no team found the apple juice box or the 20 discs, OR when both teams have the same amount of points.

End games 

In case of a draw (or in case both teams agree to have a final end-game), all teams go down to the ground floor. The apple juice box either is still hidden, or gets hidden again. Both teams get 3 minutes to find the apple juice box, whichever team find the apple juice box, win. 

Additional rules

Please keep your phone on you, this way you can communicate with the team, and we will send out a message (in the Hunger games WhatsApp group) when the game has ended (so if one team found 20 discs, the apple juice box, or when the 30 minutes are up). 

You enter this game, at your own risk (muhaha).

Let us know your availability so we can plan the game! Click here.

PSA Some people suggested getting other people involved, people who can either hide a disk in their home and be part of the scavenger hunt or can come up with some riddles. Interested or know someone from the Cederlaan Building who would like to do this? Join the WhatsApp group and let us know! (The link is in the Cederlaan Resident’s WhatsApp group!)

Movie night

The third of December we had another Movie night!

The name contest!

When do we ever get to name something? Perhaps when you get a new pet, or when you name your house plants or any other random objects. But in this case, you all have put in some suggestions as to what we should call our association! Below you can see the contenders. Please vote for your favourite, and who knows, you might be the lucky winner and win 25 euros! You can vote for our name until the 13th of November.

Spooky movie night!

The days get darker, the nights get colder … The spooky season has arrived! On Monday evening the 31st, Hallow’s Eve, we watched a scary movie.

20th of October: Capture the flag

On the 20th of October we hosted Capture the Flag!