Name competition for the association!

The association is developed further and further. However, some of the necessary decisions cannot be made by just the board. Therefore, we invite you to help decide on a suitable name for the association!

As explained below, you are allowed to come up with three names, which will be voted for in two rounds. The deadline for submissions is October 26th! The winner will be rewarded with €25! You can find the submission form here

You have to be a member of the association to participate in the competition, which should be no problem as it is free, easy to do and it comes with nice benefits! The following link directs you to the application form

We’re looking forward to reading your ideas!

Looking for artists!

As you probably have noticed, a big bulletin board has appeared in the main hall of the Cederlaan complex! Since September of 2022, the bulletin board has been mounted with the assistence of Vestide. The use is quite simple: standard information on the building and the association is found on the left and promotions of activities, things to sell or lost items are found on the right. Feel free to use this bulletin board yourself!

Unfortunely, the bulletin board looks a bit dull at the moment. Do you have any ideas on how to make it more vibrant? Are you (a little or a lot) artistic and want to help us make the bulletin board shine? Please reach out to us!